2018 - Jungle Park is open April - November

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About the park

Jungle park is a rope center located in the heart of Brno. It can be found in a beautiful forest surrounding the Svratka river. The rope center is close to Riviera municipal swimming pool and Brno fairground, thus prividing an attractive and easily accessible opportunity for active leisure available for both adults and children.

Who's the park for?

Jungle Park is sport & recreation facility design for general public - children, young people, adults; for individuals or groups, sport or hobby clubs, security forces and all other who want to experience something special up in the trees. We also recommend our park as a destination for school trips. The children shall go through extraordinary outdoor adventure and gain new experiences.

Available climb routes

Basic route - this route is the longest and includes 33 obstacles. It is hung 3 to 7 meters above the ground and is 365 meters long. The route is of medium difficulty level and is particularly charming during night climbing. Each climber has to be at least 140 cm tall.

Baloo's Junior route - easy, entertaining and exciting, this route includes 20 obstacles and is 180 metres long. It is designed particularly for families with children. Each climber has to be at least 120 cm tall and has to be accompanied by another person of at least 15 years of age. Climbers taller than 140 cm may enter the route by themselves.

Maugli's route - designed for the youngest. A special safety system ensures secure climbing even for children above 4 years of age or 100 cm of height. The route consists of 10 rope obstacles hung 2 to 4 meters above the ground. On their way children shall tackle various gangplanks, ladders and nets. There is a sliding swing that carries the child over 30 meters in the air at the end of the route.

Šer Chán´s adrenalin route Challenging adrenalin route - this track is for efficient and courageous climbers, who are able to pass through 20 difficult obstacles. Some obstacles demand enough ration of courage and some obstacles physical strength and skills. If you have never been on rope obstacles, it´s better to try less difficult track first. Each climber has to be at least 165 cm tall.

There are also two crossings over Svratka river awaiting you, each 40 metres long.

Dogs are allowed to rope center area in the forest but may not enter adjoining area of police sport club Kometa. For visitors with dogs we recommend to use entrance to the park leading from near cycle path.

Safety measures

  • Before entering a climbing route, all participants are to be instructed in safety rules and belaying.
  • All instructors are professionally trained.
  • All climbing equipment is checked on regular basis and is being renewed in accordance with respective standards. All our climbing equipment is certified by The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA).
  • All participants are required to follow operating rules of the park.
  • Children entering low elevated climbing obstacles must be accompanied by a person over 18 of age.
  • The rental of all necessary climbing equipment for high elevated obstacles, such as helmets, harnesses or gloves, is included in the price of admission.
Park is open in all weathers except for thunderstorms and freeze.